Thursday, 12 September 2013


This is how I feel today.

Yesterday I went into the doctor just to get results for vitamin D. No biggie. But the big surprise was that I am way over the limit for my cholesterol, when a year ago I was not.

Big shock.

My parents are both pretty high stakes in the cholesterol game too, and my granddad died of a stroke, so I'm guessing I lost some kind of genetic lottery, cos at first glance I kinda thought I didn't eat a lot of animal products.

At second glance I realised this:

Cheese, milk, a block of chocolate (yes!), bacon, butter, sour cream, full-fat yoghurt and questionable meat products (in the form of sausages, dim sims, burger patties, and takeaway meat (burgers, more dim sims and lamb kebabs making my top three) make up a massive part of my week. It's disgusting isn't it.

Yet my fridge is packed with lentil curries and vegetarian tofu burgers, because I actually dislike cooking meat. And I am very concerned about fibre so I eat vegan bread already as it has the highest.

My fridge is also full of rotting vegetables that will never realise their life long dream of making it onto my dinner plate. So sad. Except I hate them all.

You might well imagine that I'm not only high in cholesterol, I'm also so anemic that my doctor declared my numbers the lowest she'd ever seen. Amazing!! I do like breaking records so I've got to say I feel pretty damn impressed with myself! But her advice was to let a bottle of iron tablets and a gyno take care of my iron, and to cut all animals fats from my life for the other thing. At least for long enough to see how that goes. (How else should it go?! Sheesh!)

And so here I am. To give you an indication of how scared I am that I have to serenade a farewell to my favourite foods, last night I went home and ate a whole bag of MnMs, a bacon and cheese burger and some bacon with a side of bacon. I thought chips was overdoing it, but now I regret that. Au revoir chips.

It's my birthday next week and I am wondering what to do about cake. Cos I do like cake. Especially with cream cheese icing. I also like scrambled eggs and sausages on my special day. With bacon.


  1. There must be another way! Vegan seems a little bit extreme!

  2. We have massive family history. I just want to get it down a bit and then I'll slowly reintroduce the good stuff.

    So far, it's actually ok. You should see what I'm gonna make for my birthday cake!!!!

  3. Don't visit us in Brazil until you are back on meat, I wouldn't know how to feed you here! I guess caiparinhas are ok...

  4. Totes (my smiley face didn't work)