Sunday, 15 September 2013

Weekend Wonderful

It’s Sunday night, and I feel quite fantastic. Partly it’s pride -  that I’ve managed to abstain from all my favourite things for three days (fuck off, it is a long time); partly because I haven’t eaten any dairy so the intolerance I’ve long suspected has been pacified.

And partly because I just had kick arse chocolate mousse for dinner, and it only had 80 calories. Ish. And I hate cooking, so that’s the other fab thing: you chuck a few ingredients into the blender and you’re done.

Try it – you will be very surprised, I promise you.

Fazbo chocolate mousse:
1 tbs pure cocoa powder (is also delectable as a coating on almonds)
1 avocado, deskinned and stoned etc
1 tbs honey (ok. Not vegan. Shut up. They’re bees)
¼ cup raspberries, fresh or frozen
Method: Chuck it all into a blender or vitamiser or whatever. Blend until it isn’t green any more, then set for an hour in the fridge. Serves 2.

Then see if you can actually share -  it is seriously amazing.

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