Saturday, 27 December 2014

A Year of Living (and saving) simply

As I sipped my blackberry and  banana smoothie this morning,  frozen berries; frozen spinach;  chia and flaxseeds - totally delicious - it occurred to me that I could do with a little less packaging around the place. I went to the boxing day sales and threw my elbows into the backs of people to get the sheets I've wanted for three months, I got my shoes and a beautiful quilt set. Then I came home to find that the bags from Christmas are still littering the hallway and I have dresses,  still in bags, from the June sales, never worn. Plastic bags rule my life! They're quite handy for picking up little man Joey's business on our daily walks, but otherwise there isn't even enough room in my bin for the amount of rubbish I accumulate.  And what for? There has to be a better way.

I will embark on a new endeavour: an aim to unpack (age) my life, one supermarket bag at a time. Don't get me wrong,  I'm not giving up on the essentials - my essentials: toothpaste DOES come in a tube, and I doubt chia seeds are sold loose - but hey, if they are, let the good times roll! But I will not buy ANY packaged food.
I will not buy pre-bottled drinks, or coffees in takeaway cups.
I will not buy commercial chocolates,  but rather (vegan) ones that are wrapped in paper.
You get the picture.
Very excited about my next new years project!

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